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Centerless grinding machines

Estarta was born in the 20th century, and it brings out its best in the 21st

A completely renewed range that’s faithful to its core grinding concepts (including precision, stiffness, and thermal stability) yet still brings together all the innovations of recent years (e.g. user-friendliness).

Close to 100% availability and a 70% reduction in non-productive time

The Estarta opens a window to a new world: 

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Quick changeovers
The perfect win-win: for you and the planet

Estarta is made of natural material and has only electric and pneumatic actuators. 

This machine has it all: low environmental footprint, with minimum running cost and maximum performance.

Estarta is the most complete family of centerless grinders
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Max. part diameter mm 150 250
Wheels width mm 250 650
Estarta  0
Max. part diameter in 5.9 9.84
Wheels width in 9.84 25.6
Aerostructure manufacturing equipment
Monitor and manage your workshop assets from a single platform

We connect your assets to a single open architecture, which can be cloud or fog.

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We automate

Your challenge may be achieving both flexibility and short cycle times. They may seem antagonistic, but they do not have to be.

Why Danobat?
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Team work

We will work, in body and soul, for you. But, above all, we will work WITH YOU. You will be part of the project, and we will accompany each other in the process.

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Engineer to order solutions

The machine will be TAILOR-MADE for you to achieve the highest possible OEE. 

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The first Estarta was manufactured in 1947. 75 years later, it is still the benchmark for centerless technology.

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