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High productivity and optimized changeover times, maximum stiffness, best vibration damping, thermal stability and low maintenance.
These are the defining features of Estarta, the most complete family of centerless grinders.
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Estarta – 400/650

Every detail is important when handling wheels up to 25.6” (650 mm) wide, grinding workpieces up to 9.8” (250 mm) in diameter with up to 148 hp (110 kW) power:

  • Oversized ball screws
  • Twin-grip spindles
  • Extra clamping in the regulating wheel head
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ESTARTA – 400/650
Estarta – 175/250

The combination of a cantilever spindle for the grinding wheel and twin-grip for the regulating wheel gives you the best of both worlds.

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ESTARTA – 175/250
When it comes to reducing part cost, every detail matters
Estarta technology
Best dressing technology
  • OptiDress
  • Linear motors
  • Simultaneous dressing of both wheels possible
Best productivity

Stiff and stable machine with wheel widths up to 25.6” (650 mm) and reduced dressing times. Designed to optimize productivity.

Best process stability

Natural granite bed for the best vibration damping, stiffness and thermal stability, oversized ball screws… All designed to guarantee the best accuracy, with minimum maintenance over the life of the machine.

Optimized machine design for best set-up and operating access
  • Fixed work center, making it easy to integrate peripherical equipment
  • Easy-to-use DoGrind+ HMI
  • Minimized tooling needs inside the machine
  • Improved ergonomic access
Close to 100% availability: Almost no maintenance needed

ESTARTA has up to 32% fewer components than other machines in the market, using only electric and pneumatic actuators, reducing gear boxes and transmissions.

The need for maintenance is virtually eliminated and the environmental footprint is very small.

Customize your Estarta to be more competitive

Make your reference changes faster, easier and safer, without complicated crane maneuvers.

Optimized design and built in-house, which makes it one of the most reliable and stiff in the market.

Every operator's dream: change parts at the touch of a button.

All you need to worry about is taking the workpiece blade on and off. Everything else is automatic and easy-to-use.

Do you want to reduce cost per part?

We can offer you a machine including (un)loading systems, feeding or storage systems, and auxiliary stations.

Technical data
Estarta-650 Estarta-400 Estarta-250 Estarta-175
Max. workpiece diameter mm 250 150 150 40
Grinding wheel diameter (OD x width x ID) mm Ø650 x 650 x Ø304.8 Ø650 x 400 x Ø304.8 Ø650 x 250 x Ø304.8 Ø508 x 175 x Ø304.8
Max. grinding wheel peripheral speed m/s 120 120 120 120
Regulating wheel diameter (OD x width x ID) mm Ø400 x 650 x Ø203.2 Ø400 x 400 x Ø203.2 Ø400 x 250 x Ø203.2 Ø305 x 175 x Ø127
Main motor kW 55-110 37-90 22-37 11-22
Net weight kg 16500 12500 12000 8000
Estarta-650 Estarta-400 Estarta-250 Estarta-175
Max. workpiece diameter in 9.8 5.9 5.90 1.6
Grinding wheel diameter (OD x width x ID) in Ø25.6 x 25.6 x Ø12 Ø25.6 x 15.75 x Ø12 Ø26 x 9.8 x Ø12 Ø20 x 6.9 x Ø12
Max. grinding wheel peripheral speed sfpm 23620 23620 23620 23620
Regulating wheel diameter (OD x width x ID) in Ø15.74 x 25.59 x Ø8 Ø15.74 x 15.74 x Ø8 Ø16 x 9.84 x Ø8 Ø12 x 6.88 x Ø5
Main motor hp 73.75-147.51 49.61-120.69 29.5-49.6 14.75-29.5
Net weight lb 36370 27550 26450 17630

Cross spider



Steering rack


Inner & outer ring


Piston for radial & axial motors

Spool valve

EV motor shaft

EV motor shaft e-bike

EV reducer shaft

Electric turbo shaft

Assisted electric braking system

Connecting rod bolts

Diesel injection

Electric motor shaft


Piston rod


We offer specific services for your Estarta
  • We have a 24-hour shipment program to exchange your damaged or worn spindle for one we have in stock to eliminate downtime

  • Remote machine diagnosis: Keep your machine connected and analyze the vibration threshold of your machine spindles

Are you interested in enhancing machine maintenance and machining processes?

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