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The HG takes care of every detail to machine high-value workpieces up to 197” (5000 mm) in length with maximum precision.
See this machine in action
If you check all the HG’s details, you will see that it is not just another grinding machine

We have taken care of every detail on the HG to make this machine stand out.

  • Minimum overhangs
  • Large guideways
  • Wide spacing between guides
  • Ballscrew and bearing’s support dimension
  • Internal cooling pipes
  • High-end components
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11023 lbs
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DoGrind+: An intuitive and easy-to-use software

Grinding program

  • With the simple input of the part dimensions and the material, it generates the grinding program for you
  • Easily edit complex tool and part geometries


Optimized solutions for the fastest changeover, including automatic grinding wheel set-up


  • Total control in a single dashboard view
  • Integration with ERP or external databases
  • Measurement viewer app for results analysis and part traceability 
Control software
MDM: Automatic in- and post-process gauge

Prior to machining

  • Measures the oversized material on the part to ensure it is machinable

  • Ensures that the part was assembled properly and the machining program is free of dimensional errors

The data it outputs

  • Automatic metrological reports with dimensional and geometrical measurements
  • Roundness, radial run-out, cylindricity, concentricity, coaxility, diameters, discontinuous diameters etc.
  • Scanning for slender parts and back-and-forth machining 

How the data is displayed

  • You will be able to evaluate the behavior of the process thanks to continuous 3D visualizations

Measures and certifies in/post-process, saving machining time and avoiding scrap


Dimensional tolerances are guaranteed from the first part in IT3 up to diameter 3.14" (80 mm) and IT2 from 3.14" (80 mm) onwards


Fully integrated into DoGrind+ for easy operation

For heavy duty grinding, every detail matters
Hg technology
Grinding spindle heads

Mounted on proven ultra precision bearings, grease packed for life, and pre-load calculated for the maximum running accuracy and optimum stiffness under the heaviest operating conditions.

Machine structure
  • Unique and rigid structure
  • Made of stress-relieved pearlitic cast iron for optimum grinding accuracy
  • Coolant channels for thermal stability
  • Proven behavior against vibration and thermal effects
X and Z axes
  • Hydrostatic moving slides with ground and hand-scraped V and flat guideways, including antifriction coating to improve thermal stability and eliminate stick-slip effects
  • Straightness of 0.00008" (0,002 mm) over 39.4" (1000 mm) of length
Workhead & tailstocks
  • Designed with selected materials to optimize temperature control and spindle performance
  • High roundness accuracy
  • Easy to connect with different clamping and driving systems
  • Pneumatic lifting systems for comfortable set-ups
Swivelling B axis
  • Automatic swivel, with torque motor to eliminate backlash and minimize maintenance
  • Mechanical locking and pneumatic unlocking system
  • Repeatiblity: ± 0.00004" (±1 µm) on 25.6" (650 mm) radius
Customize your HG to be more competitive

From straight (S) or angular (A) to a full swivelling wheel head B axis that can hold several configurations to provide the most flexible grinding solutions.

  • Dressing disc spindle
  • Internal grinding wheel dressing system
  • Standard chisel diamond holder
  • Vitrified diamond wheels
  • Danobat MDM
  • Non-contact measuring
  • Touch probe
Technical data
HG-72 HG-72 HG-92
Max. distance between centers mm 1000 2000/3000/4000 3000/4000/5000
Max. diameter to be ground (*not available with MDM) mm Ø500*/640 Ø640/840 Ø840/1040
Max. weight between centers kg 250 1500 5000
Max. grinding wheel diameter (*not available with B-axis) mm Ø610/760 Ø610/760/915* Ø760/915/1060*
Wheelhead power kW 22/30 22/30/45 30/45/60
Max. wheel peripheral speed m/s 60/120 60/120 60/120
Range of MDM multi-diameter measurer mm 400 400/600 400/600/800
HG-72 HG-72 HG-92
Max. distance between centers in 39.4 78.7/118/157 118/157/196
Max. diameter to be ground (*not available with MDM) in Ø19.6*/25.2 Ø25.2/33.1 Ø33.1/41
Max. weight between centers lb 551 3307 11023
Max. grinding wheel diameter (*not available with B-axis) in Ø24/30 Ø24/30/36* Ø30/36/40*
Wheelhead power hp 29.5/40.2 29.5/40.2/60.3 40.2/60.3/80.4
Max. wheel peripheral speed sfpm 11811/23622 11811/23622 11811/23622
Range of MDM multi-diameter measurer in 15.7 15.7/23.6 15.7/23.6/31.5

Gearbox shafts

Rotor and stub shafts

Gas turbine engine rotor

Ball screw

Machine tool spindle shaft

Printing and packaging rolls

Screw compressor shaft

Electric motor shaft

Landing gear

Piston rod

Hydraulic breakers

Railway axle

We offer services to keep your HG in the best condition
  • We can exchange your damaged or worn spindle for one we have in stock to eliminate downtime
  • Remote machine diagnosis: Keep your machine connected and analyze the vibration threshold of your machine spindles and the condition of your ball screws (circularity tests, backlash measurements, etc.)
  • Updated electronic & mechanical upgrade options to improve your OEE, reduce maintenance times, and avoid obsolescence
  • Customized maintenance plans based on your production needs: laser interferometry tests, measuring equipment calibration and much more



Digital hg
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