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The PG is a machine for standardized parts in mass production.
Due to the tremendous stiffness of the machine structure, you can use bigger grinding wheels (up to Ø36" — Ø915 mm —) to get higher efficiency.
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For single workpiece mass-production

A machine dedicated to making a single part with the following dimensions:

Longitud de pieza 0
Peso de pieza 0
1100 lb
Velocidad 0
15750 sfpm
Cbn 0
Diametro de pieza 0
Diametro de muela
When we talk about high production, every detail matters
0 pg technology
Machine structure
  • Unique and rigid structure
  • Made of stress-relieved pearlitic cast iron for optimum grinding accuracy
  • Coolant channels for thermal stability
  • Proven behaviour against vibration and thermal effects
X and Z axes
  • Hydrostatic V and flat slideways
  • The slide is driven by a ballscrew with direct coupling to a CNC controlled servomotor
  • A high resolution absolute linear scale controls the positioning
Workhead & tailstock
  • Rigid castings, made in modular designs with selected materials for stable temperature performance
  • Compressed air lifting systems for comfortable set-ups, and easy repositioning of the tailstock along the table
Grinding spindle heads
  • Mounted on proven ultra precision bearings (hydrostatic optionally) with lifetime grease lubrication
  • Driven by built-in electro-spindles
Swivelling B Axis

Automatic swivelling, driven through a torque motor, and controlled by high resolution rotary encoder.

It can position in any angle, with a mechanical locking and pneumatic unlocking system.

Customize your PG to be more competitive

From straight (S) or angular (A) infeed types to a full swivelling wheel head B axis that can hold several configurations to provide the most flexible grinding solutions.

  • Fixed dresser
  • Dressing disc spindle
  • Dresser at workhead
  • Roller dresser
  • Three jaw chucks
  • Customized chucks
  • Hydraulic chucks
  • Manual and hydraulic tailstocks
  • Synchronous tailstocks
  • Taper adjustment
  • Touch probe
  • In-process measuring
  • Post-process measuring
  • Non-contact measuring
Do you want to reduce cost per part?

We can offer you a machine including (un)loading systems, feeding or storage systems, and auxiliary stations.

Technical data
PG-600 PG-1000
Max. distance between centers mm 600 1000
Max. diameter to be ground mm 440 440
Max. weight between centers kg 500 500
Max. grinding wheel diameter mm Ø760 x 350 Ø910 x 200
Max. wheel peripheral speed m/s 80 80
PG-600 PG-1000
Max. distance between centers in 23.62 39.37
Max. diameter to be ground in 17 17
Max. weight between centers lb 1100 1100
Max. grinding wheel diameter in Ø30 x 13.8 Ø36 x 7.8
Max. wheel peripheral speed sfpm 16000 16000

Gearbox shafts

Axle shaft

We offer specific services for your PG
  • We have programs to exchange your damaged or worn spindle for one we have in stock to eliminate downtime
  • Remote machine diagnosis: Keep your machine connected and analyse the vibration threshold of your machine spindles
  • Customized maintenance plans based on your production needs: laser interferometry tests, measuring equipment calibration and much more
  • Updated catalog of upgrades (electronic & mechanical) to improve your OEE, reduce maintenance times, and avoid obsolescence


Are you interested in enhancing machine maintenance and machining processes?

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