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Hembrug, based in The Netherlands, is the benchmark for fully hydrostatic precision hard turning solutions
Since 1973

Leaders in hard turning. More than 50 years and 700 high-precision turning solutions developed for customers all around the world.


Hembrug machines are among the most accurate in the world.


  • Dim. tolerances of ≤ 0.000,08” (2 µm)
  • Roundness of ≤ 0.000,02” (0,5 µm) 
  • Ra of 0.000003"-0.000015" (0,1–0,4 µm)
> 25 years

Accuracies last more than 25 years. Hembrug offers fully hydrostatic finish hard turning solutions.

Hydrostatic technology enables wear-free operation in the main spindle and slides.

Complete complex workpieces with sub-micron tolerances

Hembrug is ideal for machining complex and hardened workpieces in a single set-up and with sub-micron qualities. 


You won’t need further post-processing and quality control will be less intensive, cutting your cost.

Hembrug machines address a wide variety of workpieces and materials

Toolholders, dressing tools, machine tool spindle shafts, punches and dies, neck rings, rollers, gear pump shafts, pistons for radial and axial motors, ball screw nuts, and much more.

  • Mikroturn
    High precision horizontal hard turning machine
  • MTG vertical
    MikroTurnGrind Vertical
    Full hybrid vertical turning and grinding machine
  • MTG vertical
    Mikroturn® Vertical
    High precision vertical hard turning machine
  • MTG 100
    MikroTurnGrind Horizontal
    Full hybrid horizontal turning and grinding machine
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