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Horizontal hard turning lathe

Even 30 years later, it achieves the same accuracy

Even after 30 years of non-stop production, the machine will produce workpieces with exactly the same accuracy.

> 40 years of engineering knowledge in hydrostatic bearing systems and guideways
  • Excellent running accuracy
  • Superb damping properties
  • High stiffness, independent of speed
  • Good thermal stability
  • No wear and thus long-term accuracy
  • Longer tool life
When is the hard turning process more advantageous than other machining processes?
  • Round workpieces are geometrically complex and/or require a combination of ID/OD machining
  • High mix/low volume environments require frequent machine setups
  • Dry machining is possible
Find your horizontal hard turning machine
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High precision horizontal hard turning
Max. part diameter mm 610
Max. weight inc. clamping system kg 200
Max. part length mm 800
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High precision horizontal hard turning
Max. part diameter in 24.01
Max. weight inc. clamping system lb 440.92
Max. part length in 31.49
Aerostructure manufacturing equipment
Monitor and manage your workshop assets from a single platform

We connect your assets to a single open architecture, which can be cloud or fog.

We automate

Your challenge may be achieving flexibility along with short cycle times. These goals may seem contradictory, but they don’t have to be.

Why Hembrug?
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Team work

We will work, in body and soul, for you. But, above all, we will work WITH YOU. You will be part of the project, and we will accompany each other throughout the process.

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Tailor-made solution

The machine will be TAILOR-MADE for you to get the highest OEE.

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We have manufactured fully hydrostatic ultra precision turning machines for more than 50 years.

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