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What is the key for a probe to measure reliably?

Integrated measuring systems are devices for verifying the proper running of the machining process and guaranteeing accurate results with the utmost efficiency.

Yet certifying a measurement is not just the job of a gauge. Accuracy depends on the ability to integrate mechanics, machining cycles, measurement algorithms, and ultimately the gauge.

We are committed to in-house developments that guarantee full integration. We are not only seasoned in the machine but also in the process, the software, and the measuring device itself.

In-process measurement is the big topic covered in the video. Until now, the machining process required several stops to perform various measurements outside the machine and continue the machining process based on the measurement results. This makes the process very long and expensive, and the know-how of the person who is operating the machine is determinant.

Download the video to get more information about the market's different types of in-process measuring systems.

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