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DANOBAT CG-PG, high production grinding solutions

March 24, 2020

Danobat’s CG-PG range of grinding machines offers near-100% machine availability and can operate at a cutting speed of 80m/s with conventional abrasive

Danobat cg

DANOBAT has developed the CG-PG range of external grinding machines to cater to the most exacting and complex challenges in the field. The machines are designed to meet high production requirements, while maintaining geometric/dimensional precision or surface finish quality. They can handle workpieces of up to 1000 mm.

Danobat has drawn on its expertise and know-how to create the CG-PG range of grinding machines with conventional (CG-PG) grinding wheels, capable of achieving a cutting speed of 80m/s. Good integration of high speed in the grinding process offers increased productivity and reduced cost per part.

To further augment productivity, the CG-PG machines provide long-life grinding solutions, operating 24/7 under the most exacting manufacturing conditions. Importantly, machines in this range offer near-100% availability.  To ensure the highest precision in the solutions, Danobat uses its own in-house developments in the design of critical elements. The company designs, develops, manufactures and fits critical machine elements, meaning that it can respond swiftly in the event of any possible incidents and guarantee maximum availability.


The range also includes the Optidress dresser, developed by Danobat, which increases the useful service life of both the grinding wheel and the diamond and reduces lost time in dressing cycles.

CG-PG grinding machines are suitable for the industrial vehicle, electric motor, energy and automotive industries, but they can be adapted to any field that calls for high production rates. The machines have automated solutions to adapt to specific needs, including a range of loading/unloading and measurement systems, traditional or CNC steady rests and automatic taper adjustments.

In the area of digitalisation 4.0 too, Danobat offers in-house solutions to help our customers move towards the creation of intelligent factories, where all equipment is interconnected and can operate autonomously. The family of digital tools includes the Danobat Digital Suite, an intuitive interface to facilitate machine use and efficiency.

Danobat has highly qualified specialists and the most state-of-the-art facilities on the market, allowing it to adapt thoroughly to the customer´s requirements and offer comprehensive customised solutions. At any time, it can work outside its regular product catalogue, ready to take on the new challenges customers may require according to their specific needs.

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