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Aerostructure manufacturing equipment

We develop aerostructure manufacturing equipment

  • Machining with CNC robotics
  • Equipment for automated inspection operations
  • Digitalised solutions
Automated inspection operations
Ensuring high quality with ultrasonic and artificial vision inspections

We understand the importance of high-quality machining for aerostructure parts. That's why we offer ultrasonic and artificial vision inspections as part of our machining solutions. By integrating these technologies into our process, we ensure that every part produced meets the exacting standards of the aerospace industry.


Ultrasonic inspections detect flaws and defects that may compromise the structural integrity of a part, while artificial vision inspections verify critical dimensions and identify surface imperfections that may not be visible to the human eye. With these solutions, you can be confident that every part you receive is of the highest quality and free from defects.


So whether you need ultrasonic and artificial vision inspections for a small or large machining operation, we have the expertise to deliver the best possible solution for you. Trust Danobat for unmatched quality and reliability in aerospace machining.

Digitalised solutions
Factory 4.0 manufacturing solutions

We integrate digital solutions into our manufacturing cells to improve overall efficiency and productivity. 

  • One way we do this is by using advanced sensors to monitor spindles and axes, which allows us to proactively maintain your machines and prevent downtime
  • We have also developed our own apps, such as the Fingerprint-based Quality Hallmark and Dynamic Workpiece Stabilizer, to improve the machining process and ensure that you're consistently producing high-quality products
  • To improve the overall OEE of your factory, we connect your manufacturing assets to a platform and collect significant amounts of machine data using our Danobat Box. This data is then analyzed and turned into valuable OEE insights
Digital solutions

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