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M Hybrid


Combination of an integrated gantry and an external robot cell.
  • (Un)loading of the feeding system occurs outside of the enclosure
  • Built in-house or third-party system
  • It loads one machine
Svg occupied floor space
Occupied floor space
Svg unloading time
(Un)loading time
Svg part size
Part size
Svg aux stations
Number of auxiliary stations
Standard options
  • One gripper (part weight 15 kg)
  • Two grippers (part weight 4 kg)
  • Closed loop pallet conveyor
  • Stack cell/tower with pallets
  • V-supports conveyor

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  • SPC
  • NOK rejected
  • Post-process measuring station
  • Blowing station

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M Hybrid
00 m hybrid d
00 m hybrid d
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