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Did you know that an electric car has about 16 battery modules or panels and each of these, contains 444 "battery cells"?
After having developed the concept of our new IED-1200, in April 2022 our research centre Ideko conducted the FEM analyses on the new Overbeck machine prototype: stati
As part of Danobat's Environmental Management Policy, the company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and reducing its carbon footprint.
Danobat renforce son engagement en faveur de l'environnement
We have supplied a centreless machine for the grinding of hydraulic pump pistons.
Thanks to the combination of our three brands specialized in different technologies (Danobat, Hembrug and Overbeck), we have been able to provide solutions for a wide
In 2021, we supplied our ESTARTA-650 centerless machine for plunge grinding of hydraulic cylinder bodies.
Hydraulic cilinders
VMIS is a system to prevent vibrations that occur when grinding parts. It consists of three aspects.
Kennen Sie das Vibrationsdämpfungssystem?
At Danobat we have been developing cutting-edge technological solutions for industrial manufacturing for almost 70 years.
Actualizamos el vídeo corporativo
During this event, visitors had the unique opportunity to witness our cutting-edge machinery and solutions in action.
Open House USA

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