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DFR (single and tandem version) is specifically designed and manufactured to reprofile locomotives and freight cars.
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When it comes to quality, every detail matters
0 dfr technology
Full cast iron machine structure
  • Long-term stability compared to fabricated steel
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • Best performance against temperature variations
Cross slide assemblies
  • Combination of accurate linear & prismatic guiding systems
  • Incorporates tool holders and measuring devices
Measuring system

The lathe automatically calculates an optimal wheel profile based on the worn condition, providing higher operating efficiencies.

Wheel drive system

During the turning operation, we spin the worn wheel using an area outside the rolling surface. This improves the rotational stability of the worn wheel.

Axial guiding system

Highly robust, with the capacity to eliminate axial movement of the wheelset due to rotational and cutting forces. Increased life by means of hardened steel rollers and automatic lubrication.

A machine designed for sustainability and easy installation
0 dfr technology foso
Reduce your installation time

Optimised pit design enables fast machine installation.

Access & maintainability

Maximised accessibility and comfortable ergonomics for the operator.

Optimised layout and pit configuration

Minimised required changes to your facility.

Customise the DFR
Turning operations
  • Measuring (1) (6)
  • Wheel profile (2)
  • External faces (3)
  • Wheel mounted brake-disc facing (4)
  • Axle mounted brake-disc facing (5)
  • Centerless
  • Between centers
Technical data
DFR/DFR (tandem)
Track gauge mm 1000/1676
Min. / max. wheel diameter mm 375/1400
Profile width mm 75/150
Max. axle load Tn 40
Main drive power kW 2 x 30
Chip section mm2 10
Wheel Ø difference (wheelset) mm ≤ 0,1
Wheel Ø difference (bogie) mm ≤ 0,3
Radial runout mm ≤ 0,1
Wheel profile geometry mm ≤ 0,2
DFR/DFR (tandem)
Track gauge in 40/60
Min. / max. wheel diameter in 14.76/49
Profile width in 3/5.9
Max. axle load Short tons 44
Main drive power hp 2 x 40.23
Chip section in2 0.0155
Wheel Ø difference (wheelset) in ≤ 0.0039
Wheel Ø difference (bogie) in ≤ 0.0118
Radial runout in ≤ 0.0039
Wheel profile geometry in ≤ 0.0079


We offer services to keep your DFR in its best condition
  • Yearly preventive maintenance, calibration, and customised plans managed by a seasoned team
  • Engineering and process development: Select the proper clamping and tooling solution for your new part
  • We are prepared to assist you remotely. We respond and manage your request worldwide



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