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Digital solutions

We are experts in machine health and machining process enhancement


Prevent unplanned downtimes and reduce maintenance costs by monitoring machine health data


Rely on data for quality assurance and minimise inspection times 


Automatically display real-time OEE data and improve your production efficiency

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Apps to improve machine maintenance
Improve machine maintenance
Spindle health diagnosis
  • Increase machine availability versus a preventive maintenance approach
  • Extend the useful life of components
  • Avoid unplanned machine downtime

An on-premise solution that monitors the condition of the spindles to anticipate any future degradation that may occur. You get precise information on when replacement is optimal.

  • Application deployed in the Danobat Box as an on-premise solution
  • Trend analysis of the key performance indicators. obtained from fingerprint tests for each spindle
  • Diagnosed results can be sent to the control or to third-party applications to warn about the condition of the spindle
Danobat box
Improve machine maintenance
Axis performance monitoring

Avoid axis deterioration before it has an impact on the machine’s precision or on part quality.

It monitors the condition of the machines axes. You receive regular reports on the performance of key performance indicators for each axis (e.g. circularity, backlash, friction, etc).

  • Application deployed in the Danobat Box as an on-premise solution
  • Trend analysis of the key performance indicators obtained from fingerprint tests for each axis
  • Diagnosed results can be sent to the control or to third party applications to warn about the condition of the axis
Danobat box
— 02 —
Apps to enhance machining processes
Enhance machining processes
Fingerprint based quality hallmark

Detect machining process anomalies and reduce non-conformance and scraped parts.

  • It monitors a repetitive machining process and learns the key performance parameters and normal operational pattern.
  • It detects and identifies anomalies and presents them to the operator.
  • Application deployed in the Danobat Box as an on-premise solution
  • Part program must be segmented in order to identify each machining operation.
  • The application will gather data and process it in order to extract the key performance indicators of each operation
  • The software will learn the fingerprint pattern of each operation and compare data in real time
Enhance machining processes
Intelligent vibration mitigation system

High impact on quality with reduction of non-conforming parts.

Process complexity might cause vibrations that could impact part quality. Based on learned vibration values thresholds, the system acts on the machine to prevent harmful vibration when certain values are exceeded.

  • An intelligent system that monitors machine vibrations and CNC internal signals in order to detect chatter vibrations during the grinding operation
  • The system requires a learning process. After learning, when an anomaly vibration is detected, it commands an action to the machine in order to avoid chatter vibration
  • Its software is deployed in the Danobat Box and the operator can visualize the vibration condition trend in real-time
Assets monitoring with our industrial Edge platform
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Danobat Industrial Edge platform

Danobat box
  • Connect your assets to the platform
  • Collect significant manufacturing data
  • Our own open hardware and platform
  • >100 companies in the platform using our apps
  • >1000 machines with Danobat hardware
Main features


Native connectivity to most of the numerical controls in the market, IoT platforms (via OPC UA, MQTT, MODBUS... protocols) robots, sensors, MES /ERP systems (SAP, INFOR...).


The industrial edge, Danobat Box, is connected directly to the machine. It can be easily configured to gather and serve data. If required, we can develop custom connectors.



Platform with ISO/IEC 15408:2009, ISO/IEC 18045:2008, and Common Criteria certifications.

Other features
Local or cloud management
  • It can be managed and deployed in the Edge, in the fog or in the cloud
Easy-to-use and deploy
  • Low-code configuration
  • Plug and play system
Modular and open architecture
  • Open platform ready for your own dockered application developments
  • Make this platform grow along with your business needs
  • No limit to the number of connected assets

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