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Features like a direct drive spindle and a wheel head driven by a zero backlash torque motor make the LG ideal for high volume and flexible batch production.
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Blistering production rates with wheel speeds up to 120 m/s
  • For machining small to medium-sized components
  • Uses CBN, diamond, and conventional abrasives, in combination if needed
  • Achieves a maximum peripheral grinding wheel speed of 120 m/s
Longitud de pieza 0
1000 mm
Peso de pieza 0
80 kg
Velocidad 0
120 m/s
Cbn 0
Diametro de pieza 0
Ø290 mm
When we talk about high production, every detail matters
Lg technology
Built-in spindles
  • Direct-drive workhead spindle, grinding wheel spindles and dressing tool spindles
  • High precision bearings with lifetime grease lubrication and temperature control
  • Suitable for high rotational speed
Natural granite bed

Natural granite is one of the keys for achieving the highest accuracy and the best surface quality.

  • Thermally very stable
  • Coolant through the bed and grinding area
  • Outstanding vibration damping properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High resolution swivelling B axis, infinitely programmable
  • Torque motor driven for zero backlash
  • High resolution rotary encoder to control angular positioning
Linear motors
  • X and Z axis linear motor drives, allowing for highly dynamic axis movements
  • Drive function with no mechanical contact, resulting in no wear and low maintenance
  • Ultra precision positioning and repeatability
Customise your LG to be more competitive

From straight (S) or angular (A) infeed types to a full swivelling wheel head B axis that can hold several configurations to provide the most flexible grinding solutions.

  • Fixed dresser
  • Dressing disc spindle
  • Dresser at workhead
  • Roller dresser
  • Three jaw chucks
  • Customised chucks
  • Hydraulic chucks
  • Manual and hydraulic tailstocks
  • Synchronous tailstocks
  • Taper adjustment
  • Touch probe
  • In-process measuring
  • Post-process measuring
  • Non-contact measuring
Do you want to reduce cost per part?

We can offer you a machine including (un)loading systems, feeding or storage systems, and auxiliary stations.

Technical data
LG-400 LG-600 LG-1000
Max. distance between centers mm 400 600 1000
Max. diameter to be ground mm 290 290 290
Max. weight between centers kg 50 50 80
Max. grinding wheel diameter mm 500 500 500
Max. wheel peripheral speed m/s 140 140 140
LG-400 LG-600 LG-1000
Max. distance between centers in 15.74 23.62 39.37
Max. diameter to be ground in 11.41 11.41 11.41
Max. weight between centers lb 110 110 176
Max. grinding wheel diameter in 20 20 20
Max. wheel peripheral speed sfpm 27560 27560 27560

Gearbox shafts




PCD reamer

Steering pinion

Steering nut


Inner & outer ring


Eccentric pump shaft

Gear pump shaft

Piston for radial & axial motors

Electric turbo shaft

Assisted electric braking system

Diesel injection

Ball screw nut

Hip joint

Spool valve

We offer specific services for your LG
  • We have programs to exchange your damaged or worn spindle for one we have in stock to eliminate downtime
  • Remote machine diagnosis: Keep your machine connected and analyse the vibration threshold of your machine spindles
  • Customised maintenance plans based on your production needs: laser interferometry tests, measuring equipment calibration and much more
  • Updated catalogue of upgrades (electronic & mechanical) to improve your OEE, reduce maintenance times, and avoid obsolescence
  • Retooling: We adapt your machine to your new process, adjusting all the needed mechanics and software


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