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Hybrid machines: two complementary processes combined in a single machine

Hybrid machines are not new, but shops are willing to explore these combined options more than ever before since they bring the advantages of both grinding and hard turning in one machine.

Not only does it need less floor space, but having a part on a single machine that is clamped only once makes a big difference when it comes to meeting tight tolerances.

Not to mention, it can save time and thus, costs per workpiece too.

Yet, whether a hybrid machine can improve throughput depends on the application, part runs, and quality requirements a shop takes on.

In this video, we explore our MikroTurnGrind machine. It is among the most accurate in the world and it maintains first-day accuracies for more than 20 years.

See the video below to better know the capabilities of hybrid solutions and check if you can benefit from a both grinding and hard turning machine.

00 video hybrid machines

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