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DANOBAT organises an Open House at its german facilities to present its range of high-precision grinding machines

March 04, 2019
  • DANOBAT-OVERBECK will celebrate the open days from 19 to 21 March in Herborn (Germany).
  • A wide range of high-precision internal and external grinding machines and the hard turning lathe with grinding capability will be exhibited.
General grinding machines rgb
  • DANOBAT-OVERBECK will celebrate the open days from 19 to 21 March in Herborn (Germany).
  • A wide range of high-precision internal and external grinding machines and the hard turning lathe with grinding capability will be exhibited.

DANOBAT offers a unique solution so that his customers can meet the challenges of their markets and can be more competitive in industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, railways, power generation or capital goods.

For more than six decades DANOBAT-OVERBECK has focused on providing his customers with technologically advanced, high value-added and fully customised manufacturing solutions and services.

To this purpose, DANOBAT opens the doors in Herborn (Germany) from 19th to the 21st of March where the firm will present the range of DANOBAT-OVERBECK and DANOBAT high-precision grinding machines for internal, external and radius applications as well as high-precision hard turning solutions designed for the most demanding production requirements and machines designed for individual batches of parts or for high production.

The visit will consist of a guided tour to discover its ambitious project based on cutting-edge technology, knowledge, innovation and advanced solutions. During the visit, the assistants will be accompanied by a sales and technical team, who will be happy to answer any questions that may arise during the visit and there will also be several live demonstrations and machining tests.

During the visit, attendees will have the chance to witness the capabilities of the different machines exposed. The IRD range of high precision grinding machines will be running at full capacity. The main advantages offered by this development are the maximum precision results obtained for pieces with high geometric complexity and with high productivity. Among others, the new ILD range will be exhibited, a development that targets the grinding of long internal features, and parts that require high precision.

On the other hand, you will find the external, high-precision grinding machine, LG.  The LG range is an efficient, productive and ultra-precise grinding machine that offers a high degree of customisation and guarantees excellent machine availability.

Finally, DANOBAT will show all the capabilities of its LT, high-precision turning machine for hard turning and with grinding capability, a development that is characterised by achieving maximum quality results with great flexibility and adaptability to the client’s needs.

DANOBAT stands on the cutting edge of automation and offers across-the-boar solutions based on smart processes and integration of production systems, like automatic loading and unloading systems or integrated robots. The company also offers a full range of digital solutions for making machines smart.

The latest advances in digital technology are at the service of their customers, and DANOBAT focuses on developing his own solutions using advanced technology such as the Smart HMI, an intuitive interface that helps operators and enables them to interact with the machine efficiently.

The digital solutions also include the Data System, a platform that captures, stores and processes machine data and enables information to be obtained for decision making with a view to maximising machine availability and optimising processes and energy consumption.

Rounding out the range of solutions is the Control System, an advanced system that manages the automatic operation of complex, automated manufacturing lines featuring different machines, inspection stations and component handling systems. In short, it is a control system for smart factories.

DANOBAT offers the services that industry needs, such as corrective maintenance strategies and spare parts services, but the firm always tries to go one step further and anticipate changes in the sector. Accordingly, they provide a broad range of high value-added services which are completely customised to meet the challenges faced by their customers.

The range of services is intended to address challenges, anticipate the future and provide assurances for their customers that they can devote all their time and resources to their own operations.

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