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Danobat has displayed a wide range of grinding machines at the EMO trade fair

December 16, 2011
Danobat has displayed a wide range of grinding machines at the EMO trade fair

Danobat has presented a large number of its grinding machines to those in attendance at the EMO fair, held recently in Germany. This trade fair represents a fantastic opportunity for firms to showcase their products. The group of grinding machines displayed by Danobat contained innovative solutions for the grinding process as well as machines which, in recent years, have become standard-bearers in the sector due to the excellent results they produce. The grinding machines presented managed to arrest the attention of a large number of those in attendance. The characteristics of these machines are explained below, in further detail. Horizontal internal and external grinding machines

  • HG horizontal grinding machines: The HG grinding machines series is the highest-selling family of machines in Danobat's history. At the EMO Fair, Danobat displayed the HG-92 grinding machine, which can be used for a vast range of demanding applications such us internal, external and face grinding of printing rolls, transmission shafts, gas and wind turbine shafts and landing gear components.
  • LG-600 grinding machine: this is the largest of the three models in the LG series, capable of grinding 300 mm external diameters within a maximum between-centres distance of 600 mm. Thanks to a combination of conventional abrasive and high-speed grinding, the LG-600 grinding machine is the perfect choice for complex applications.

Horizontal internal grinding machines

  • ID-400L horizontal grinding machine: this Danobat internal grinding machine can be used with work-pieces up to 1300 mm long and weighing up to 350 kg and can be equipped with a maximum of four spindles.

Horizontal internal and external grinding machines

  • IED-400 horizontal grinding machine: this is designed for the grinding of gear parts, pump components and similar products. It also possesses two independent spindles which allow for the simultaneous grinding of internal and external diameters, thus reducing cycle times by up to 50 %.

Horizontal internal and radii grinding machines

  • IRD-200 horizontal grinding machine: ideally suited to the machining of dies and punches, the IRD-200 grinding machine is the smallest of the IRD series,with a maximum internal grinding diameter of 100 mm and a maximum work-piece weight of 30 kg.

Vertical grinding machines

  • VG vertical grinding machines: with an innovative design which aims to minimise as far as possible time lost during component, tooling and fixture changeovers, the VG series of vertical grinding machines is ideal for the precision grinding of medium- and large-sized components. At EMO 2011, Danobat displayed the VG-1000 mid-range model, which is capable of grinding components weighing up to 3,000 kg to a maximum ground  diameter of 1000 mm, as well as performing turning operations.

Centreless grinding machines

  • E-315FV centreless grinding machine: with six CNC axes, driven by linear motors that have position control through glass scales, the E-315FV centreless grinding machine enables work to be carried out with a high degree of precision.

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