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DANOBAT renews ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and EMAS 3 certification

February 07, 2014
For many years DANOBAT has been committed to quality assurance in Machine Tool Design, Manufacture, Supply and Service and complete solutions for very diverse machine users. The renewal of the ISO-9001 certification, which DANOBAT has continuously maintained for many years, demonstrates the level of internal commitment to the management process that covers all areas of the company, from commercial management and the management of product development processes to after-sales service. The maintenance of this quality level in all Danobat's management processes is a starting point for all the challenges posed by the sector throughout the world. The trend towards greater competiveness in all areas means that standards are increasingly higher for manufacturers of machines and solutions, and the key to success is commitment to the continuous maintenance of quality assurance levels. Beyond ISO-9001 certification, for DANOBAT, this focus is key to ensuring excellence over the coming decades in the supply of solutions to Machine Tool users.

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