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DANOBAT WT horizontal grinding machine to showcase at EMO 2013

August 13, 2013
DANOBAT WT horizontal grinding machine to showcase at EMO 2013

The DANOBAT WT-92-6000 Heavy duty horizontal grinding machine will be exhibited on Hall 11 - Stand D55 of the main worldwide trade fair for metalworking technology, EMO 2013. The WT-92-6000 model, was designed for large parts. It can accommodate lengths of up to 10,000 mm with a maximum weight of 15,000 kg, while having a compact, flexible and modular structure. Optionally, a gap bed can be included for grinding large diameter work. During the development of WT range of grinding machines, all regulations to be complied with in accordance with current legislation were taken into consideration as well as the following aspects: a compact machine which optimises the occupied space and which is easy to operate due to its ergonomic design and user friendly software.

The WT range of grinding machines is manufactured with top quality materials. The base and the machine subassemblies are stabilised cast pearlitic steel, giving the whole great strength and stability. As DANOBAT´s primary aim is to adapt to the needs of each customer, the WT series of grinding machines can be equipped with different configurations both for the work head and wheel head. Depending on the application, the WT-92-6000 allows the use of corundum, CBN or diamond wheels of up to 1060 mm in diameter, which can be mounted on hydrostatic spindles, ball-bearings or electro-spindles of our own manufacture. Furthermore, there is the option of installing a double wheel slide to work simultaneously, significantly reducing the cycle time per part. To obtain maximum performance, the WT series can be equipped with automatic wheel balancing devices , automatic taper correction, etc. Depending on the application, an MDM absolute in-process measuring system can be included on the machine, developed by Danobat. The DANOBAT WT series was specially designed for the grinding of components with a weight of up to 15,000 kg and a length of up to 10,000 mm.

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