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Danobatgroup co-sponsors the Ada Byron Awards

January 29, 2020
  • The support for the awards fits in perfectly with the commitment of the machine tool manufacturer to talent and promoting scientific and technological vocations among women
  • The group´s director of innovation, Nerea Aranguren, will be a member of the jury for the awards and will attend the awarding ceremony for this year´s edition, to be held on 31 January
Danobatgroup co-sponsors the Ada Byron Awards

The Danobatgroup is co-sponsoring the Ada Byron awards for Women in Technology, given annually by the University of Deusto, with the aim of strengthening its commitment to the development of professional talent, the promotion of women´s scientific and technological vocations and equal opportunities for men and women.

In addition to its support as a sponsor, the group will have a significant participation in the organisation of the awards. Danobatgroup´s Director of Innovation, Nerea Aranguren, will sit on the jury and also attend the presentation ceremony of this year´s edition, which will take place on Friday 31 January as part of the Forotech 2020 Engineering and Technology Week.

The event, held at the San Sebastian campus of the University of Deusto, will be attended by the robotics expert Concepción Alicia Monje, winner of last year´s edition, and Aranguren, who will give a short talk in which she will highlight the importance of recognising the historical contribution of women to science and technology.

"Danobatgroup is unequivocally committed to equality. Our support for this initiative seeks to give visibility to the careers of women technologists who have made an outstanding contribution to science and are a reference point and source of inspiration for the professionals of the future," the expert clarifies.

In Aranguren´s opinion, "the consolidation of the awards is on the rise year after year" as shown by the launch of a Mexican edition in 2019, and opening a special category for young women in which "the level of the nominations is spectacular".

The Ada Byron awards were first given in 2014 and since then the work of outstanding scientists such as María Ángeles Martín, professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Seville, Montserrat Meya, linguist specialising in computer language, and Regina Llopis, doctor in mathematics applied to artificial intelligence from the University of California Berkeley (USA) has been recognised.

Danobatgroup´s support for these awards is part of its commitment to training talent through collaboration with the educational community and participation in projects aimed at promoting and recognising the contribution of women in research and innovation.

The group has a model for strategic talent management, which has as its backbone the empowerment of its professionals.

Nowadays, the industrial sector is facing challenges such as the digitisation and automation of production environments, a new model that will require the incorporation of multidisciplinary professionals from the STEM field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), so the launch of initiatives that aim to promote a passion for science are of paramount importance.


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