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New Danobat 3d cutting and drilling solutions

January 05, 2011
FAGOR AUTOMATION, as part of its expansion into new markets, has collaborated with DANOBAT on the development of an innovative 3D plasma cutting system, the “RPD T' model. This system, in addition to cutting the usual materials in metal construction, enables round and square tubes to be cut, to meet the growing demand for these materials in construction. Fagor’s 8070 CNC makes its possible to carry out any type of cut based on CAM-type trajectory generators. So the operator imports the drawing of the part with the cut to be made and the CNC automatically generates the trajectory necessary to make the cut, without needing to be limited to predefined shapes by means of parameterisable macros like in conventional systems. In addition to standard machine tool kinematics, the Fagor CNC offers the chance to establish special kinematics to adapt to the needs of the machine, as has been done in the Danobat case. The RTCP function optimises the management of this special kinematics, ensuring that the plasma cutting tip follows the profile or tube programmed regardless of the position and orientation of the plasma. When working with RTCP, if the plasma orientation is changed, the CNC adapts the position of the other machine axes to maintain the position of the plasma cutting tip on the surface of the part. With the RTCP, and the Tangential Control function, it is possible to cut a profile whilst all the time maintaining the cutting angle of the plasma beam in relation to the programmed trajectory. The plasma cutting system can be installed on a line with a drilling unit, the T3CH model. It is s sturdy drill with three separate heads and automatic tool change. In addition to drilling, the T3CH enables different types of operations to be carried out like thread-cutting, exterior countersinking, exterior allen heads, boring and marking. Thanks to the independent operation channels that Fagor offers, you can manage the different devices on the line independently, and can carry out operations simultaneously if you wish. The user interface on the CNC has also been adapted to the machine. The operator can at any time display the status of the machine’s working areas independently, which makes programming and processing parts easier. The possibility of integrating third-party software offered by the 8070 CNC, has allowed Danobat to implement Flex 3D software. The aim of this 3D design program is to make it easier for users to program any type of part, as Flex 3D enables programming to be done in different ways: by importing DSTV files, reducing programming time and optimising machine productivity, running predesigned macros to carry out the most common operations without having to do any design, or designing the part to be machined from zero.

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