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Hydrostatic technology at danobat vertical lathe

July 06, 2012
Hydrostatic technology at danobat vertical lathe
DANOBAT offers the VTC-H range to meet market demands for large diameters vertical turning centres. Hydrostatic technology plays a major role in this range of Danobat vertical lathes. This technology, based on hydrostatic movement, is used mostly on large machines and for precise applications. Hydrostatic technology is applied to the following items:
  • The hydrostatic slideways are used on the X and Z axes.
  • The table is supported and centred by means of hydrostatic bearings.
Continuous hydrostatic guiding with an oil film prevents contact between two hard metal-metal materials: the guide and counterguide. This hydrostatic guiding greatly reduces the friction coefficient, wear on the slideways is non-existent and all movements are extremely smooth achieving a very high accuracy on our Danobat vertical lathes, despite their significant weight. In short, hydrostatic guiding achieves great stiffness in roughing and precision in finishing, control of geometry through temperature control and high precision in positioning and movement. The table is another part that uses hydrostatic technology on Danobat vertical lathes. The table is directly mounted on hydrostatic bearings. Danobat uses different hydrostatic bearing systems according to the axial load and the required peripheral speed in each case. Solutions for axial and radial bearings of one or more rings are available. Furthermore, ease of maintenance of hydrostatic systems are guaranteed with Danobat developments.

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