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This hybrid machine is much more than a vertical grinder.
Not only does it satisfy the tightest tolerances, it also combines grinding, hard turning, milling, boring, and drilling in a single set-up.
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How large and heavy is your workpiece?

The VG is the vertical machine for parts up to Ø1950 mm and 5000 kg.


If your parts are larger and heavier, you may be interested in the DVG >

Peso de pieza
5000 kg
Diametro de pieza 0
Ø1950 mm
Vertical grinding
Latest technology for microscopic precision
Vg technology
Know-how & integration within the machine: The reason we build critical components in-house
  • Grinding spindles
  • Rotary table
  • Grinding spindle turret (B axis)
A house starts with a solid foundation

Stable and rigid cast-iron structure for optimum accuracy, optimised with FEA studies.

Roundness to less than a micron

Rotary table features high precision hydrostatic bearings for smooth movement and optimal surface finish.

Best angular positioning without compromising rigidity

We have designed, developed, and built our own grinding spindle turrets for over 40 years.

Adjust the machine to the processes you need to run
  • Face plates with grooves
  • Magnetic chucks
  • Hydraulic jaw chucks
  • Single diamond dresser
  • Rotary dresser
  • Multiple rotary dressers
  • Radius dressers

Different customised tooling solutions.

Technical data
VG-600 VG-800 VG-1000 VG-1500 VG-1800
Maximum swing mm 800 1000 1200 1600 1950
X stroke mm 1900 2200 2200 2550 3100
Z stroke mm 1000 1500 1500 1950 1950
Table load kg 1000 2000 3000 5000 5000
Tools - 4 4 4 4 4
VG-600 VG-800 VG-1000 VG-1500 VG-1800
Maximum swing in 31.50 39.37 47.24 62.99 76.77
X stroke in 74.80 86.61 86.61 100.39 122.05
Z stroke in 39.37 59.06 59.06 76.77 76.77
Table load lb 2200 4400 6610 8820 8820
Tools - 4 4 4 4 4


Inner & outer ring

Rotor & stub shafts

Honeycomb seals


Cases & stators

Machine tool spindle housing

Hydraulic breakers

We offer service to keep your VG in the best condition
  • Yearly preventive maintenance, calibration, and customised plans
  • Retrofitting based on machine obsolescence and functionality upgrades (e.g. measuring systems, automation, etc.)
  • Retooling: engineering and manufacturing of tooling & part fixtures


Danobat VG Service offer
Danobat VG vertical grinding machine
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