Peek behind the curtain of the three leading brands in precision: Danobat, Danobat-Overbeck and Hembrug, during our first ever, full-day, virtual 2020 PRECISION DAY event.
Meet the CEO’s of our factories in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands and join us to discover our manufacturing plant in each location. Choose and sign up for a maximum of 8 webinars to learn more about the following topics:


Your partner for wind power challenges. Innovative precision manufacturing solutions

Sustainable progress is one of our key values and we put all our knowledge to develop innovative solutions for components that help generate clean, green, sustainable energy.

Precision, high volume production and automated grinding solutions for the hydraulic industry.

For those challenges in the hydraulics industry that go beyond a stand alone machine and require complex and advanced automated solutions, we are the right partner!


Your partner for can industry challenges. Innovative precision manufacturing solutions.

Tight precision requirements can be also achieved on high production volumes, and we know how to do it for the Can Industry!

Advanced service solutions for best-in-class customer support and care. 

Complex manufacturing processes require the most advanced services in order to increase competitiveness.

Precision in motion thanks to hydrostatic technology.

We have been decades developing the hydrostatic technology in our machines and it's time to share our knowledge with you!

Revolutionary precision grinding solutions thanks to the integration of measuring systems.

Every micron matters! Have you thought about how may help you integrate a cutting edge measuring device into your grinding?


High-precision internal, external & radius grinding. Danobat-Overbeck ILD machine range.

With up to 4 grinding spindles, the ILD is the perfect solution for internal, external, face and other grinding applications.

Hybrid machining solutions. Hard turning and fine grinding.

Discover the advantages of combining hard turning and fine grinding in a single machine!