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We have expert solutions adapted to each aircraft model, and we are at the forefront of the latest technological advances in the aeronautical sector.
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It is difficult to summarize all we’ve learned over the past 35 years

Years of experience equals mountains of knowledge. Teaming up with leading maintenance companies and manufacturers of all types of landing gear has made us experts in:

  • Aeronautical standards
  • Tooling
  • Software
  • Grinding processes
  • Measurement
MDM: Automatic in- and post-process gauge

Prior to machining

  • Measures the oversized material on the part to ensure it is machinable

  • Ensures that the part was assembled properly and the machining program is free of dimensional errors

The data it outputs

  • Automatic metrological reports with dimensional and geometrical measurements
  • Roundness, radial run-out, cylindricity, concentricity, coaxility, diameters, discontinuous diameters etc.
  • Scanning for slender parts and back-and-forth machining 

How the data is displayed

  • You will be able to evaluate the behavior of the process thanks to continuous 3D visualizations
danuni MDM
The machine that takes care of you

Thanks to a state-of-the-art touch-screen interface, you can safely configure any undercarriage, the required tooling, and the grinding and measuring application.


In addition, the machine’s ergonomic design allows for easy part assembly, safe movement on the machine, and space for maintenance.


It's the little details that make a big difference with the DANUNI.

Technical data
Max. distance between centers mm 3380 3750
Swing over gap mm Ø3050 Ø4100
Gap width (*optional CNC moving gap) mm 500/0-1150* 0-1450
Swing over table mm Ø900 Ø1600
Max. weight between centers kg 1500 1500
Max. grinding wheel diameter mm Ø915 Ø915
Wheelhead power kW 20 20
Max. wheel peripheral speed m/s 60 60
Max. distance between centers in 133 147.6
Swing over gap in Ø120 Ø161
Gap width (*optional CNC moving gap) in 19.6/0-45.2* 0-57.1
Swing over table in Ø35.4 Ø63
Max. weight between centers lb 3307 3307
Max. grinding wheel diameter in Ø36 Ø36
Wheelhead power hp 26.8 26.8
Max. wheel peripheral speed sfpm 11811 11811

Landing gear components

We offer services to keep your DANUNI in the best condition
  • We can exchange your damaged or worn spindle for one we have in stock to eliminate downtime
  • Remote machine diagnosis: Keep your machine connected and analyze the vibration threshold of your machine spindles and the condition of your ball screws (circularity tests, backlash measurements, etc.)
  • Updated electronic & mechanical upgrade options to improve your OEE, reduce maintenance times, and avoid obsolescence
  • Customized maintenance plans based on your production needs: Laser interferometry tests, measuring equipment calibration and much more



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