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Discover a grinding solution to yearly manufacture 76,500 primary shafts for truck gearboxes

February 13, 2024
Primary shaft

The primary shaft of the gearbox is one of its essential components and the grinding operation strategy is a critical decision to be made.

With our LG-1000 machine, we have reached an annual production milestone of 76,500 primary shafts (220 days, 24/7).
➙ Part length: 20 inches
➙ Max. grinding diameter: 3.7 inches
➙ 9 different operations in diameters and faces
Your challenge may lie in achieving both flexibility and high production. Though they might appear contradictory, this video reveals that they are not.

Why is the LG-1000 a competitive solution for primary shafts?
➀ High-speed grinding: reaching up to 23,622 fpm peripheral speed
➁ Flexibility: automated mobile tailstock and the option to set up the machine for optimal changeover, tailored to the customer's requirements

See the video here:

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