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Our automated wheel boring and wheelset mount cell delivers one wheelset every 3 minutes

January 17, 2024
Boring and mount cell

The cell delivers to service one wheelset every 3 minutes.

  1. It measures axle wheel seats
  2. Bores the wheel hubs accordingly
  3. Then presses both wheels to the axle

Each of these processes is automated, making it possible to run the cell with just 2 operators.

  1. Automated wheel and axle handling
  2. Automated boring process
  3. Automated wheelset measurement process

When it comes to wheelset assembly, every detail matters:

  1. The cell can be operated with a single borer (if needed)
  2. The system can continue production, while you conduct preventive maintenance or other tasks in either machine, without the need to stop the cell
  3. Minimum misfit rates: all parameters are controlled for a correct assembly process

More info about Danobat´s automated wheel boring and wheelset mount cell here

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