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Auxiliary stations

What other operations do you need to automate?

Add different auxiliary stations to your turnkey solution to apply other processes to the part without the intervention of an operator.

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0 positioning angular orientation
Part positioning

The part is positioned for a correct subsequent machining operation.

Oil protection spraying
Oil protection spraying

A protective layer is added to the already machined parts to prevent oxidation and improve their final aspect or image.

Pre/post-process measuring

The part is measured before and/or after machining operations.

Cleaning by suction

The part is dried and cleaned either by high pressure air, by centrifugal force or by an air suction system.

part identification
Part identification

The part to be machined is identified, its reference code is verified or the part marked according to customer requirements (laser, micro-percussion, etc.).

Nok rejected parts
Nok-rejected parts

Defective parts are stored and can be retrieved by an operator.

0 superfinishing

The part, once machined, enters a superfinishing operation using an abrasive belt or stone.

SPC (statistical process control)

The machined parts are controlled, either randomly or after a certain number of machined parts.

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