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Hard turning machines

Precision and ultra precision hard turning are not the same

Hembrug machines are ultra precise. 

  • Dimensional accuracies of ≤ 2 µm
  • Roundness of ≤ 0,5 µm
  • Surface finishes of 0,1–0,4 µm (Ra) 
Maintain first day accuracies for more than 30 years

Hydrostatic technology avoids metal-to-metal contact and enables wear free operation in the main spindle and slides. 

Grinding or hard turning? Things are not as obvious as they appear to be

Deciding whether to finish a part with grinding or hard turning is difficult and often counterintuitive. 

Do you want to know which process would be best for you? 

0 grinding
  • MTG vertical
    MikroTurnGrind Vertical
    Hybrid vertical turning and grinding machine
  • Mikroturn
    High precision horizontal hard turning machine
  • MTG 100
    MikroTurnGrind Horizontal
    Hybrid horizontal turning and grinding machine
  • MTG vertical
    Mikroturn® Vertical
    High precision vertical hard turning machine

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