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Hard turning machines

Precision and ultra precision hard turning are not the same

Hembrug machines are ultra precise. 

  • Dimensional accuracies of ≤ 2 µm
  • Roundness of ≤ 0,5 µm
  • Surface finishes of 0,1–0,4 µm (Ra) 
Specialised teams for each technology
Maintain first day accuracies for more than 30 years

Hydrostatic technology avoids metal-to-metal contact and enables wear free operation in the main spindle and slides. 

Finish hard turning: what you did not know yet

The whitepaper explores the fundamentals of finish hard turning: 

  • Accuracies that can be achieved 
  • Comparison to other techniques 
  • Factors to consider when choosing a suitable machine 
  • Needed tools
Finish hard turning
Products by Category
  • MTG vertical
    MikroTurnGrind Vertical
    Hybrid vertical turning and grinding machine
  • Mikroturn
    High precision horizontal hard turning machine
  • MTG 100
    MikroTurnGrind Horizontal
    Hybrid horizontal turning and grinding machine
  • MTG vertical
    Mikroturn® Vertical
    High precision vertical hard turning machine

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