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Upgrades • Retrofitting • Retooling

Improve your machine’s performance and/or make sure it always meets your production needs
00 general

Want to add a feature or functionality that your machine doesn't have? Check out our catalogue: 

  • Acoustic contact sensors
  • Wheel balancing sensors
  • Measuring probes
  • Multi-diameter measurement systems (MDM)
  • Telescopic covers 
  • Lubrication systems 
  • New generation workheads
Major retrofits

Replace obsolete components with more advanced technology:

  • Integral mechanical overhauls of guidance systems, spindles, tailstocks and other auxiliary systems
  • New controlls and other electronic upgrades
major retofits

We adapt your machine to new processes, adjusting all the mechanical and software needs. 

  • Programming
  • New tools, poka-yokes, etc
  • New or modified subassemblies (e.g. spindles)
  • New or modified clamping tools
  • Automation
Process engineering
  • Machining process studies to meet your technical, production, quality and economic requirements
  • Machining trials to measure cycle times, precision, tool consumption, etc.
  • Design and development of particular cycles for specific machining or inspection operations
  • Design and manufacture of tooling
process engineering

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