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Dano-Rail to install an under-floor wheel lathe for the tramway in Tours (France)

June 27, 2011
Dano-Rail S.Coop, , which manufactures equipment for the railway industry, has consolidated its international presence having secured an important order in France. On this occasion, SITCAT , has awarded Dano-Rail the contract for the delivery of an under-floor wheel lathe for the re-profiling of the Alstom Citadis 402 tram wheel profiles, which will serve the city. The bid submitted by the Spanish manufacturer was selected by Cité Tram for being the most advantageous in both technical and economic terms. Cité Tram is a group formed by SET and TRANSAMO. This Group is responsible for carrying out the overall project on the tramway in Tours, which is expected to start operating in September 2013. Project management has been entrusted to Systra , a leading engineering company considered one of leaders in the railway sector in the Gallic country. In accordance with the quality procedures established for this project, Dano-Rail is  undertaking the management thereof by appointing a first-class team, organized in a functional structure consistent with the Systra team's organizational structure, ensuring smooth and effective relations. Dano-Rail sees this project as a major challenge to consolidate its presence in the French market in projects where equipment for the maintenance of any kind of railway rolling surfaces is needed: trams, metros, freight transport, commuter trains, high-speed trains, etc. The Spanish manufacturer wants to transfer its experience in this domain in other markets to the French market and to projects in third countries managed by French engineering companies, operators and/or manufacturers of railway rolling stock. It is not the first time that Dano-Rail has participated in similar projects managed by French companies. In fact, a very similar project is being conducted for the Rabat Salé Tramway, managed by the renowned French engineering company Egisrail. The D-1500 under-floor wheel lathe destined for Rabat is very similar to the one which will be installed in the workshop in Tours, as the rolling stock maintained in both cases is an Alstom Citadis tram.

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