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DANOBATGROUP´s Innovation Manager elected president of AFM

April 11, 2014
Antxon López Usoz, DANOBATGROUP´s Innovation Manager has been elected President of the Spanish Machine-Tool, Accessories, Component Parts, and Tool Manufacturers' Association, for a period of two years, in the course of the Annual Members Assembly held today, April 11, at the Auditorium of the Technological park of San Sebastian. López de Usoz, Engineer by the University of Navarra and MBA by the University of Deusto, is DANOBATGROUP´s Innovation Manager, where he has developed an important part of his professional career. He has previously worked as General Manager at DANOBAT's Railway Division and at the Technological Centre IK4-Ideko, he has also been Advisor of Grupo Eroski. The new President of the association has a broad experience in AFM, where he has been Advisor for the last nine years and where he has been Vice-President during the last two years. In addition, Mr. Lopez Usoz is board member of CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries. As López Usoz says “For DANOBATGROUP is an honor to preside AFM. While DANOBATGROUP is a large group with its own resources , it is imperative to have a strong partnership that adds value , and which allows us to take advantages of the synergies to achieve the challenges we face'. In addition, the Innovation Manager highlights that “In DANOBATGROUP we believe that from our experience we can provide knowledge in relevant aspects such as the specialization in industrial sectors, internationalization and business dimensioning, knowledge that can add value and contribute positively to the association and other companies that are facing the same challenges'. In reference to objectives to face during his presidency, Mr. López de Usoz notes “The need to enhance the importance of an industry such as the machine-tool and accessories; our country requires the industry to play a more prominent role in the generation of wealth, for which is essential to count with the best production equipment, and that is precisely what provides our industry.' Following the appointment of the president, there were two papers devoted to 'Internet of things' . During the first presentation , Mr. Jesus Lizarraga, Project Manager and professor at the University of Mondragón, has spoken about the past, present and future of 'Internet of things' and its relationship with daily life, while during the second presentation Mr. Guillermo Gil, Director of the Division ICT of the European Software Institute of Tecnalia, has focused on the application of 'Internet of things' in the industrial sector. The closing ceremony has been attended by relevant representatives of the political and business fields as well as representatives of numerous companies associated to AFM.

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