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Danobat TechCentres

A network of technological centres specialised in grinding & hard turning

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A real production scenario

Our TechCentres simulate a real production environment so that both you and Danobat can test, develop and improve our own machining solutions.


Our TechCentres are equipped with several hard turning and grinding machine models, plus different measuring systems.

How can you take advantage of it?
  • If grinding or hard turning is a “new” technology for you and you want to test which is best
  • If you need to grind samples for internal validation
  • Or even if you have cutting-edge challenges and need to create never-before-seen solutions
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TechCentres all over the world

  • Spain, Elgoibar
  • USA, Chicago
  • The Netherlands, Haarlem
  • Germany, Herborn
  • Italy, Bistagno
  • China, Shanghai

To find the best grinding or hard turning solution.

To reach new levels of quality and productivity.

We work hand in hand with you in developing new equipment and software.

We transfer our knowledge to your team to get the most out of the machine.

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