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A versatile all-rounder, that performs many processes (such as ID, OD, radius, non-round) within the highest precision.
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Leaders in high precision machining

The experience of machining hard metal, ceramic parts and bearings, among others, has given us the solid knowhow needed to develop high precision solutions.

Diametro de pieza 0
Ø360 mm
Peso de pieza 0
180/300 kg/Nm
Longitud de pieza 0
400 mm
Cbn 0
Overbeck IRD Internal grinding machine
Perfect combination of components that provide optimal results
0a ird technology
Natural granite base

Machine bed made of natural granite, the optimal material for achieving the highest accuracy.

Linear motors

Linear motors deliver highly dynamic transmission of power. The technology achieves fast and precise movements that guarantee maximum productivity and quality.


Carefully built in our own facilities with high quality components for long life. All this helps to ensure that the workpieces have the optimum quality you are looking for.

Grinding spindles

High quality spindles with high precision bearings with air/oil or lifetime lubrication.

We grind every type of application: Heavy, small, non-round…

Direct driven spindle turret  with 300° swivelling range and the capacity for up to 4 spindles and one measuring probe.

  • Different workheads depending on the weight of the workpiece
  • The B0 axis is designed to help grind high precision parts with very precise shapes and surface finishes, including 3-axis interpolation with the X and Z axes to create part contours
  • Three jaw chuck (automatic or manual)
  • Magnetic chuck
  • Shoe system
  • Steady rest
  • Tailstock
  • Customised chuck
  • Fixed dresser
  • Dressing spindle
  • Radius dresser
  • Dressing revolver
  • Workhead mounted dresser
  • Roller dresser
  • Touch probe
  • In-process measurement
  • Post-process measurement
  • Tool measuring device
Do you want to reduce cost per part?

We can offer you a machine including (un)loading systems, feeding or storage systems, and auxiliary stations.

Technical data
IRD-200 IRD-400
Max. internal grinding diameter mm 100 200
Max. internal grinding length mm 100 200
Max. workpiece swing diameter mm 215 360
Max. workpiece length incl. clamping system mm 200 400/280
Max. workpiece weight incl. clamping system kg/Nm 40/45 80/100 // 180/300
X and Z axis stroke mm 400/200 425/475
IRD-200 IRD-400
Max. internal grinding diameter in 3.9 7.8
Max. internal grinding length in 3.9 7.8
Max. workpiece swing diameter in 8.4 14
Max. workpiece length incl. clamping system in 7.8 15.74/ 11
Max. workpiece weight incl. clamping system lb/ft-lb 88/33 175/70//400/220
X and Z axis stroke in 15.7/7.8 16.7/18.7

Dressing tools



Machine tool spindle shaft

Hip joint

Inner & outer Ring

We offer services to keep your IRD in the best condition
  • Customised maintenance plans depending on production needs, including laser interferometry tests, measuring equipment calibration...
  • We do machining tests on your parts to find the best machining solution for you


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Digital ird
Are you interested in enhancing machine maintenance and machining processes?

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