We develop innovative equipment solutions and offer high-value services in the field of manufacturing.

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High-precision external grinding for high added value components with exacting pressure and production level requirements.

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Danobat-Overbeck internal and radius grinding machines, backed by over 90 years' experience.

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Highly versatile vertical grinding machines capable of working in a wide range of operations, specially designed for high value-added components.

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New generation of ESTARTA centreless grinding machines, designed to meet the most exacting precision, rigidity and vibration-damping requirements.

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Years of experience in grinding and turning have produced a solution that can combine all the precision of  grinding with the versatility of turning.

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Solutions designed specifically for machining pipes, couplings and railway axles that can satisfy the most demanding safety standards.

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Solutions for turning aluminium automobile wheels and maintenance and manufacture of rail wheels.

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Advanced engineering

Our top specialists are in charge of preliminary design of machining systems, equipment and automation.

Simulation and modelling of production and processes

Exhaustive process and work-flow analysis to develop simulation models that help maximise performance.


Efficient automation solutions to ensure minimum production times and increased productivity.

Machine manufacture

Solutions tailored to our customers' requirements and based on our in-depth knowledge of grinding and turning technologies.

Measuring systems

Our solutions come with incorporated measuring devices to guarantee part dimensions during machining and to generate measurement reports.

System integration

We can incorporate systems that perform auxiliary operations and cleaning functions, SPC stations, and systems for complete machining processes, which include other operations as well as grinding.

Digital focus

Solutions that combine  the latest digital technology with over 65 years' experience in manufacturing machine tools and production systems.

Advanced Services

We provide specialist services throughout the life cycle of your equipment, via our wide network of highly qualified staff operating in over 40 countries to ensure fast, effective, near-at-hand attention.

By industry


For over 30 years, we have been helping the aerospace industry meet its challenges and contributing to its technological progress by developing advanced solutions.

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Our solutions for the automotive industry come with the backing of decades of experience resolving the challenges of the most demanding manufacturers and a large product catalogue.

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Capital goods

Advanced solutions for machining critical components for the most advanced industrial equipment.

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Power generation

Systems for manufacturing key components to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability in the renewable energy industry.

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Cutting-edge technology for the manufacture and maintenance of rolling stock, developed in close partnership with our customers.

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Oil & Gas

We develop technologically advanced and high value-added solutions for machining pipes and
couplings, to ensure maximum levels of productivity and safety.

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Our advanced services help cut our customers' maintenance costs, increasing the availability of production equipment, extending its service life and optimising it with the latest digital developments.

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Corrective Maintenance

When unforeseen incidents occur, our team provides fast and effective attention to ensure that the machine is up and running again quickly, minimising the impact on production and quality.

Preventative maintenance

Efficient personalised programmes for regular checking of machine status, to prevent any unplanned stoppages.

Predictive maintenance

The latest advances in manufacturing digitisation, uninterrupted monitoring and smart algorithms can help identify patterns and predict any future errors.

Advanced information

Compiling and processing information on the machine and manufacturing process for faster and more precise decision-making.

Retooling & Retrofitting

Alterations to machines to meet new challenges, and retrofitting to give them a second life: new components, new functions and a longer useful service life.

Advanced training

Personalised training in machine operation (programming, specific cycles and functions, drive compensation, alarm messages, recovery instructions, preventative maintenance, etc.) to allow our customers to get the most from their Danobat machines.

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Danobat was founded in 1954. Since then, we have seen profound technological changes and the firm is now a global brand thanks to our innovation and the long-term partnerships we have forged with our customers. The challenges they share with us help us to work even better and promote transformation. That is why it is so important always to be close to our customers.

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