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CG: The high-production grinding machine

Since the first CG was manufactured in 2000, it has been used for high-production grinding.

Large manufacturers in the automotive industry, leading companies in the cutting tools sector, and manufacturers of all types of transmissions are today grinding with CG machines.

In 2020, we launched the new generation CG. There is no better way to discover it than to hear about it from a customer and see it in a real production environment.

Talleres Arrieta, a company that machines high precision parts for end customers such as Siemens Gamesa, will show the capabilities of new generation CG in action.

Download the video to find out why our customer defines our CG as the perfect combination of productivity and availability.

Here is a little preview: the Ø610 mm grinding wheel on a grinding machine with 1000 mm between centers is one of the decisive factors for many customers to choose us.

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