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Our ability to offer a complete solution: one of the reasons for being chosen by our customers

October 30, 2023

We have supplied a centreless machine for the grinding of hydraulic pump pistons.

The required tolerances (a roughness of Rt 0.8 µm, what makes it necessary to work with values of Ra <0.05 µm) imply that the part, after grinding, has to undergo a superfinishing operation. Our customer has received other offers, but for the superfinishing phase, the customer had to rely on a different supplier. The complete solution (or integration) was, as the customer confirmed to us, the main factor for them to choose us.

In detail, this machine can grind either the whole part (body and ball) or just the body. For this reason, the machine includes a special development for the flexible dressing of the grinding wheel. 

As we mentioned, the part has very demanding tolerances. The diametral tolerance is 2 µm with a required cylindricity of 1.5 µm. The rigidity of the machine, its precision and the dressing units equipped with linear motors and optical scales have made possible the achievement of these tolerances, what would be very difficult to realize on a "conventional" machine.

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