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The first Overbeck IED-1200 has already been delivered

November 07, 2023

After having developed the concept of our new IED-1200, in April 2022 our research centre Ideko conducted the FEM analyses on the new Overbeck machine prototype: static stiffness, the critical natural frequencies and straightness of the Z2-X2 axes during the grinding process were analyzed.

In July 2023, Ideko tested for the second time the IED-1200, but this time with the real machine.

The focus was on the validation of the new external grinding unit and its correlation with the FEM model. 

The validation process included:

  • Dynamic and static tests
  • Geometric evaluation
  • Thermal behaviour tests
  • Vibration troubleshooting
  • Modal analysis
  • Z-axis waviness
  • Minimum increment test
  • Fault analysis

The results exceeded our expectations and confirmed the exceptional performance and capabilities of the machine. The machine has already been pre-accepted and delivered.

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