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What makes a Hembrug hard turning lathe unique for roller manufacturers?

November 27, 2023
Roller bearing

➀ "High feed tooling" inserts: for specific roller geometries, they can increase process efficiency and tool lifespan by up to 250%
➁ Combined hard turning and peel grinding process solutions
➂ Hembrug not only proves to be an incredibly productive solution but also offers the added benefit of versatility for manufacturers who have different references in their production
➃ Few process steps and short cycle times due to high material removal rates
➄ Sub-micron accuracy for all roller types thanks to hydrostatic main spindles and guideways
➅ Dedicated Hembrug´s in-house developed CNC roller program means an optimized setup and changeover process (<1 hour)
➆ Fully customisable: easy to expand with automation or integrated finishing options when required

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